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This page last modified 12/23/2020.


  • These are playlists for made-by-Jim-Ingram model railroad “layout” videos (no automatic controls).

The Youtube Playlists for Railroad Videos

Note these layout playlists have NO automatic controls; the automatic control playlists are  on the page.

A link to the same playlist on Vimeo is also provided.

There are also 2 other playlists Misc61 (vimeo61) and (xDance62 (vimeo62) that have nothing to do with trains.

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Individual Videos

  1. 268 The ‘Reading and Northwestern’ O-ga. Hi-Rail Railroad Under Const., Williamsport PA Aug. 2020 (08:49 min.) ||| Webpage:
  2. 267 Largescale Beyer-Garratt Locomotive Runbys, on the ‘Northumberland Central Railway’, Central PA (04:18 min.) or
  3.  266 Cedryn Quarry, Welsh Slate Quarry Model Railroad, 4′ Square, 1/2″ scale, O gauge, Gn30 (05:18 min.) or

Older Videos

For OLDER videos, see the archive video page at — which shows the list of INDIVIDUAL videos #265 and earlier (back to #210).